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A perfect first step into coding, Code Speaker is a tiny, inexpensive board that will thrill young coders aged 8+.

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"We gave this as a gift to a 12 year old who loves computers. He is a geeky kid, and he loved it! Play and learn at the same time. Great idea!"

"Our coding students are elementary school aged, and they liked the speakers."

  • Code Speaker Board - a reprogrammable speaker.
  • Reference cards for code concepts including: loops, functions, 'if' statements.
  • Tough carrying case.

Using the free software for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook desktops or laptops (no tablets or phones), coders can complete the following lessons:
  • Morse Code Messages
  • Tunes to modify like "Happy Birthday To You"
  • Siren creator
  • Random Tone Creator
  • Siren Creator

and more for free using our downloaded software.
  • Coding in the C++ (see-plus-plus) coding language
  • Microcontroller is ATMEGA 328P, like the Arduino Uno board
  • Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX 10.9 and above, plus Chromebooks.
  • Software requires internet connection to code.
  • No batteries are required - the board is powered by the USB port.
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