Coding For Kids

Hands-on Kits for Kids 8 and up. Starting at $19.99


Coding Is the New Literacy

Let one of the most awarded STEM companies help your 8-12 year old get started the fun way: hands-on!

Let's Start Coding Kit Awards
Let's Start Coding Kit Awards

Built by a Team of Engineers, Educators, and Parents

Loved by Customers

Excellent product, a delight if you enjoy electronics for fun.
- Manjeet
Exactly what my daughter wanted.
- Lena
My 10 year old nephew was eager to get his hands on it.
- Krystal
My 13-yr-old loves it. Challenging but not frustrating.
- Scarlett
Exactly what I expected! Great Christmas present for my nephew!
- Winston
Excellent for beginners and advanced. My 11 year old grandson is mesmerized.
- Terry
Perfect for my son! He can't wait to get started.
- Lorie
My 12 year old son has had hours of fun making everything work. It was a good learning experience in coding for him.
- Paul
This is a valuable learning tool for aspiring engineers. A tween-aged child who is beyond snap circuits will be intrigued to tackle this level of hands on development.
- Julie
I've been part of for years. These kits help those student who need tactile tools to understand coding. Super, affordable product.
- Librarian Reviewer

Reviewed by STEM professionals and tech-savvy parents

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Here's How to Get Started

Let's Start Coding Base Kit

Buy a Coding Kit for your 8-15 Year Old.

Let's Start Coding Kits are Codeable

Follow Free Lessons and Tutorials. Set up in Under 10 Minutes.

Let's Start Coding Kits enable future engineers

Watch Your Child become a Confident Critical Thinker and Build with Code!

Every kid deserves the opportunity to explore what technology can offer them. Ignite their passion with a Let's Start Coding Kit.

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