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Base Kit contains 12 electronic components that will get you started coding. Combine LEDs, a speaker, buttons, and code to create projects ranging from 'Mini Piano' to 'Drag Race Reaction Timer'!

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"My child absolutely LOVES this product! He has learned so much and loves to add additional lines of codes to the learning modules to expand his knowledge via trial and error."

"My son is enjoying this setup and online lessons/projects have been fun and educational."

"I purchased this kit for my 11 year old grandson and he told me he really likes it. His goal is to attend Georgia Tech. and major in computer engineering. This is a good start along with his current classes in middle school."

  • Maker Board microcontroller and Carrier Board 'motherboard'
  • Two multicolor LED lights
  • One red, one green, and one blue single color LED lights
  • Mini speaker
  • Retractable USB cable
  • Reference cards for each component and common code concepts such as loops, functions, syntax, and 'if' statements.

Using the free software for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook desktops or laptops (no tablets or phones), coders can complete the following lessons and projects:
  • Blink an LED
  • Play Tones on a Speaker
  • Bug Hunts (error-finding missions)
  • Hold Button for LED Light
  • LED Flashlight
  • Cycle LED Color with Button
  • Four Note Piano
  • Four Note Piano with LED synchronized
  • Button-Activated Siren
  • Button-Activated LED Fader
  • Automatic Siren
  • Automatic LED Fader
  • Tune LED Colors with Button
  • LED Dice Roll
  • Sound Samples
  • Cookie Timer
  • LED Blink Clock
  • Drag Race Reaction Timer
  • Morse Code Creator
  • Memory Game (similar to 'Simon Says')
  • Multicolor Glow Lamp
  • Coding in the C++ (see-plus-plus) coding language
  • Microcontroller is ATMEGA 328P, like the Arduino Uno board
  • Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX 10.9 and above, plus Chromebooks.
  • Software requires internet connection to code.
  • No batteries are required - the board is powered by the USB port.
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