Get started with your Code Piano

1) Unbox and Plug in your Board

Your Code Piano comes with a retractable USB cable. Extend the cable by pulling from both ends at the same time. The striped sticker on the cable should align with the USB stripes on the Code Piano. When your Code Piano is plugged in and powered on, it will have a solid green light on. Watch this video for more help.


2) Upload a test Program to your Code Piano

If you’re on Windows or Mac, you should be uploading the test program from the Let’s Start Coding app that you downloaded. If you’re on Chromebook, you should be uploading the test program from a Google Chrome web browser.

Hit the ‘Upload Your Code’ button in the green bar below to upload.

When the code has uploaded successfully, you’ll hear a rising tone on your Code Piano. Don’t worry about understanding the code right now, that’s what the projects are for. Once you see a big ‘Success!’ message and hear the tone, click ‘Start the Projects’ to start coding.

void setup(){ pinMode(10,OUTPUT); for(int i=50;i<1000;i++){ tone(10,i); delay(2); } noTone(10); } void loop(){}

Upload not working? Click Here.