00. Setup & Test

Never used your Code Piano before? Start here!

01. Piano Beep

Let’s start with basics- beep a single tone on the piano on repeat to learn about loops!

02. Piano Triple Tone

Combine three notes to start playing a scale on Code Piano. Then see how far you can take the code with new notes!

03. Piano Morse Code S.O.S.

Combine tones to beep out the classic "Save our Ship" Morse code message.

04. Random Tones

Let the code 'choose' which note to play next for a random stream of tones.

05. Ascend to Charge Song

Start making music with the classic 'Ascend to Charge' song popular at baseball games.

06. One Key Piano

Start building a piano by getting a single key to trigger a note.

07. Two Key Piano

Add a second 'key' to your piano to get the hang of 'if-else if' statements.

08. Eight Key Piano

Make a fully-functioning piano with all 8 keys triggering a different note.

09. Variable Note Piano

Make your piano easier to modify with variable notes for each key - now customize the keys to your own octave!

10. Random Note Button

Trigger a random tone with a button to create your own one-of-a-kind song.

11. Piano Button Pitch Changer

One button raises the pitch, the other drops it down. Hold down your buttons for some fun sound effects!

12. Piano Rising Siren

Learn about loops within your loops and build an automatic half-siren sound effect.

13. Piano Rising and Falling Siren

Use back-to-back ‘for’ loops to create a sound effect you can control to sound like a siren, alarm, or whatever you can dream up!

14. DJ Booth

Use all of your coding skills to create a DJ booth of sound effects. Then create your own dance party with Code Piano!


Songs to Tinker With

Here are some example songs to modify and make your own. We recommend completing up to project 9 so you can understand how these songs are coded using variables.