Piano Variable Keys Bug Hunt! Test your Troubleshooting.

This code will run on Code Piano, but something is wrong. Find and fix the sly error in this bug hunt.

/* Create a full range of notes on your piano using all of the buttons * Use variables to stand in for number values to make your program easier to read * You can find the conversion of hertz to notes online or on your purple cards */ int A = 440; //An A note is equal to 440 hertz. Now 'A' will stand in for 440 in your loop int B = 494; int C = 523; int D = 587; int E = 659; int F = 99; int G = 784; int highA = 880; void setup(){ pinMode(10,OUTPUT); //Set speaker as an OUTPUT pinMode(2,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 2 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(3,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 3 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(4,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 4 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(5,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 5 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(6,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 6 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(7,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 7 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(8,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 8 as an INPUT_PULLUP pinMode(9,INPUT_PULLUP); //Button 9 as an INPUT_PULLUP } void loop(){ if(digitalRead(2)==LOW){ //if button 2 is sending a low signal... tone(10,A); //...play a tone of 500 hertz on the speaker } else if(digitalRead(3)==LOW){ //if button 3 is sending a low signal... tone(10,B); //...play a tone of 600 hertz on the speaker } else if(digitalRead(4)==LOW){ tone(10,C); } else if(digitalRead(5)==LOW){ tone(10,D); } else if(digitalRead(6)==LOW){ tone(10,E); } else if(digitalRead(7)==LOW){ tone(10,F); } else if(digitalRead(8)==LOW){ tone(10,G); } else if(digitalRead(9)==LOW){ tone(10,highA); } else{ //in all other cases (buttons not sending a low signal)... noTone(10); //send a noTone command to the speaker } } // (c) 2018 Let's Start Coding. License: www.letsstartcoding.com/bsdlicense

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