Topics Covered:

In this project, you will continue to explore the two major parts of every program you'll write here: setup and loop. Start thinking about your code this way: What should repeat again and again and what only needs to happen once?

/* * In this project, you'll build on the text message you showed in lesson * one and learn a new method from the MakerScreenXVI library to control * items on the screen. */ #include "MakerScreenXVI.h" MakerScreenXVI lcd; void setup() { lcd.begin(); lcd.backlightOn(); } void loop() { /* * If you tried putting the lcd.print into loop without anything * else, as suggested in the previous project, you saw how the * text was pushed along the screen. That's because the screen * starts writing wherever it left off after the last print. */ // lcd.clear is a method that resets the screen, clearing off // old text and putting the cursor in the upper-left of the screen lcd.clear(); lcd.print("Hello world!"); } /* * In this project, you changed something on the screen over time by * printing the message in the loop. You got a taste of how fast the * Maker Board is: when you print and clear only, the screen flickers * really badly. Next, you'll use a new function to slow it down. */ //(c) 2017 Let's Start Coding. License:

Try copying and pasting some of the code statements from void loop into void setup and vice versa. Remember that you should not copy or paste the braces { }. If you receive an error when you try to upload the code, just undo the change or press 'Restore' in the upper-right of the code window.