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Let's Start Coding kits are used in hundreds of schools to improve computational thinking, computer literacy, and critical thinking skills. Because the units can be paced and scaled for different types of classroom, all of the kits are appropriate for grades 4 through 12. Find the right kits for your class!


"I think the students enjoyed doing something hands on that allowed them to show their creativity."
- High School Principal

"The code Car is amazing! ...It's easy enough for kids to learn the general foundation of coding, and challenging enough for kids that are ready for the next level, and be creative. I highly recommend this."
- 3rd Grade Teacher


What's Included

  • Every kit comes in a tough, recloseable case with clear lid for easy inventory and storage.
  • Online lesson plans on our educators page are free to use and cover lesson plans for the Circuit Kits (Code Car to be released soon!).
  • Free software is compatible with Chromebook, Windows, and Mac computers (not iPads or other tablets).
  • Programmer's Notebooks included in educator resources make it easy to have a tangible outcome for your students' learning.


Each lesson is designed to last between 30 and 50 minutes, depending on how many challenges the students take on and additional activities like sharing creations or documenting in the Programmer's Notebook.

Code Car

  • Headlight LED On
  • Brakelight LED Blink
  • Flash Both Siren LEDs
  • Toggle Siren LEDs
  • Beep The Horn
  • Car Tunes Custom Car Alarm
  • Brake Pedal
  • Button Horn Honk
  • Horn Honk Variable
  • Rising Pitch Horn
  • Siren Lights Button
  • Siren Toggle Button
  • Backup Alarm
  • Headlight Switch
  • Hack the Code Car

Base and Ultimate Kits

  • Blink an LED
  • Play Tones on a Speaker
  • Bug Hunts (error-finding missions)
  • Hold Button for LED Light
  • LED Flashlight
  • Cycle LED Color with Button
  • Four Note Piano
  • Four Note Piano with LED synchronized
  • Button-Activated Siren
  • Button-Activated LED Fader
  • Automatic Siren
  • Automatic LED Fader
  • Tune LED Colors with Button
  • LED Dice Roll
  • Sound Samples

Specs & Details

  • Coding in the C++ (see-plus-plus) coding language
  • Microcontroller is ATMEGA 328P, like the Arduino Uno board
  • Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX 10.9 and above, plus Chromebooks.
  • Software requires internet connection to code.
  • No batteries are required - the board is powered by the USB port.

How To Buy

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