Circuit Kit Lessons for Base and Ultimate Kits

The blink program uses the LED (light-emitting diode) built into the Maker Board to flash on and off.

2. Tones to a Speaker

You can make noise with some simple code! Get started with this program and move on to more complex sound effects and songs.

Bug Hunt One

We've inserted some errors into the "Blink" code. Can you find them and fix them using the computer's error messages?

3. Hold Button for LED

Get interactive with a button press. Combine a button with an LED for a basic project that you can turn into something so much more.

4. LED Flashlight

With the click of button, activate your LED. Another click to turn it off. Can you add more LEDs to this project?

5. Cycle LED with Button

Use a button to set the color of a red-green-blue (RGB) LED. Hold the button to strobe or modify code to create color combinations.

6. Four Note Piano

Combine four buttons and a speaker to create your own customizable piano. Then modify the code for new notes and combos.

7. Four Note Piano with Synced LED

Create a light and sound party by synchronizing an LED with a four note piano.

Bug Hunt Two

We've inserted some errors into the "Four Note Piano with Synchronized LED" code. Can you find them and fix them using the computer's error messages?

8. Button-Activated Siren

Create a siren that changes with a button. Modify code to alter speed and pitch.

9. Button-Activated LED Fade

Fade an LED light using a button. Experiment with code to change the speed.

10. Automatic Siren

Using for loops, create a siren that rises and falls automatically with code!

11. LED Fade

Automatically fade an LED light up and down with your own computer program.

12. Tune LED Colors with Button

Write code that lets you mix three colors together to create hundreds of cool combos.

13. Dice Roll

"Roll" a digital dice using an LED light and some computer code! Learn about programming a computer to make random decisions for you and create a fun tool.


14. Sound Samples

Use loops, functions, and variables to create all kinds of cool sounds with just a speaker and a button. Then think up new ways to use code for all kinds of noises.