How Our Coding Kits Work

Let's Start Coding teaches coding to kids using electronic kits, real code examples and step-by-step guides. It's easier to learn by taking something apart than starting from scratch. That's why we created hundreds of lines of example code to help you.

Get Your Kit
Our Base Coding Kit is the best place to start for beginners.

Get Hands On
Our step-by-step lessons illustrate code concepts with fun projects that will actually teach programming to kids.

Set Up Your Computer
We'll guide you through the process of setting up your computer to code online.

Step Up To The Challenge(s)
Each project challenges the student to move beyond coding toys and start coding software.

Watch Intro Video
Watch a short video explaining the different pages of a program and how you can modify real code.

Explore More Projects
Start exploring! Choose the component you want to tinker with - LED lights, sensors, maker screen, and jump in!