Looking for an open-ended activity for your library makerspace or after school club? Look no further! Let's Start Coding has brought together the electronics, code examples, and lessons you need to offer a self-paced coding experience to beginners. Students can start with the 14 sequenced lessons that build skills with each project. Challenges push learners to try new things and working examples help ensure that they don't get stuck.

Lessons are independent of each other, so your students don't have to complete them all in order to learn. If you have 3 hours, do 3 lessons! Only 30 minutes? Get started and come back to the kit later- all of the Maker Boards can be re-programmed and shared by many students. Regardless if students complete all of the lessons, they will certainly walk away with a better understanding of the digital world.

Ready for some students to take flight on their own? Show them the Projects page, which includes 30+ example programs they can tinker with and modify into their own creations. There is no limit to how far students can go with code. Create a club or a makerspace station with Let's Start Coding kits and watch how quickly your students can grow.