At Let's Start Coding, we've created step-by-step coding lessons that will take your code camp from 0 to coding in about 15 hours. With lesson plans and online code examples, we've taken the work out of building a camp curriculum. You can use our Base Kit for up to 30 contact hours of camp and the Ultimate Kit for 50+ hours of camp time.

Need to train an instructor how to teach with Let's Start Coding? Just hand them a kit! By designing for beginners and including the vocabulary and concepts in 'bite-size' lessons, camp instructors only need to do a lesson themselves and take a few notes before teaching it to others. 

If you want to stay top-of-mind long after camp has ended, send a Let's Start Coding kit home with every coder! At $40, the kit can be built into the cost of your camp and gives students an exciting take-home to share with parents, teachers, and friends.