Lets Start Coding LED Strip Projects

This LED strip is awesome! When you combine it with a Base Kit, you can use the examples here to create displays, games, and artwork. Plus, you'll learn about the code behind your multicolor projects. 


Each project page contains the guide to hook up the components needed for the project as well as the code that runs the project. You can read a step-by-step walkthrough of how the code is working to get a better understanding. But don't stop here! Use our projects as an inspiration for your own!

Color Sweep

Pixel Bounce with Button

Pixel Bounce


Changing Color Pixel Bounce

Brightness and Color Tuner

Color Sweep with Button


Component Demos

The component demos for the LED light strip show you, with very basic programs, how to interact with the LED light strip without any other components. This code is a good starting place to building your own projects with the LED strip.