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If you're new to coding, you're entering a whole new universe, which can be exciting....and a little daunting. That's why we provide you with a ton of example code and clear project instructions.

Everything you'll build can be used as a building block for something more complex. First, watch this video to see our coding kits in action. Then, keep reading below to learn how it all works.


At Let's Start Coding, we've created step-by-step coding lessons that will take your code camp from 0 to coding in about 15 hours. With lesson plans and online code examples, we've taken the work out of building a camp curriculum. You can use our Base Kit for up to 30 contact hours of camp and the Ultimate Kit for 50+ hours of camp time.

Need to train an instructor how to teach with Let's Start Coding? Just hand them a kit! By designing for beginners and including the vocabulary and concepts in 'bite-size' lessons, camp instructors only need to do a lesson themselves and take a few notes before teaching it to others. 

If you want to stay top-of-mind long after camp has ended, send a Let's Start Coding kit home with every coder! At $40, the kit can be built into the cost of your camp and gives students an exciting take-home to share with parents, teachers, and friends.


Let's Start Coding Kit

No matter how much time you have with your group, we know learning to code with our programming kits for kids will be fun! Lights, buttons, speakers and LCD screens will be a hit with 90+ example programs!

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Looking for an open-ended activity for your library makerspace or after school club? Look no further! Let's Start Coding has brought together the electronics, code examples, and lessons you need to offer a self-paced coding experience to beginners. Students can start with the 14 sequenced lessons that build skills with each project. Challenges push learners to try new things and working examples help ensure that they don't get stuck.

Lessons are independent of each other, so your students don't have to complete them all in order to learn. If you have 3 hours, do 3 lessons! Only 30 minutes? Get started and come back to the kit later- all of the Maker Boards can be re-programmed and shared by many students. Regardless if students complete all of the lessons, they will certainly walk away with a better understanding of the digital world.

Ready for some students to take flight on their own? Show them the Projects page, which includes 30+ example programs they can tinker with and modify into their own creations. There is no limit to how far students can go with code. Create a club or a makerspace station with Let's Start Coding kits and watch how quickly your students can grow. 

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If so, reach out and we'll help you build custom curriculum that will be a fun and educational way for your kids to learn code.  

As a bonus, we'll make sure you are "in the know" with all the latest news about programming for kids.

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