Code Piano : A Programmable Keyboard + DJ Booth


Code Piano : A Programmable Keyboard + DJ Booth


Looking for a STEM gift for someone interested in both music and technology?

Code Piano teaches girls and boys aged 8 - 12 real computer coding through fun sound-based projects. Play songs, create a customizable piano, or code a ‘DJ booth’ of sound effects to invent new digital music! Code Piano combines familiar tunes with new coding concepts for a fun but valuable learning experience. Learners follow along with online projects and write computer code that they load onto the Code Piano.

Some of the 10+ example projects with this kit include:

  • Morse code messaging

  • Random tone sequence

  • 8-key piano

  • Rising and falling siren sequence

  • Sound effects sampler / DJ booth

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With the coding skills that kids learn through the projects, they can go on to build their own custom sound effects and songs. The C++ (see-plus-plus) concepts addressed in this kit include:

  • Variables

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • ‘If’ statements

  • ‘For’ loops

  • ‘While’ statements

  • Troubleshooting / ‘Bug Hunting’

  • Styling and commenting

This kit is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers or laptops. It requires a free software downloaded from the Let’s Start Coding website and an internet connection. The free software contains example projects, walkthrough videos, concept explanations, and challenges to keep kids learning.

Notes for adults: If your young coder is not a strong typer or is not familiar with installing and using software, they will greatly benefit from your help. Installing the software takes 5 to 20 minutes (depending on internet speed) and can be done before the child starts with the kit. If you follow along with them on the first setup project and first coding project, it will be easier for your child to get the hang of writing and uploading code. You may learn something cool, too!