00. Setup & Test

Never used your Code Rocket before? Start here!

01. Rocket Light

Turn on one of the lights of Code Rocket as you test each component before takeoff!

02. Rocket Boosters

Light the booster rocket LEDs in unison to learn about combining code statements.

Keep going with coding basics, turning on and off one of the rocket headlights.

Blink the rocket's laser blasters in unison.

05. Speaker Beeper

Test the basic audio messaging center on Code Rocket with a beep!

06. Morse Code Part One: S.O.S. LEDs

Combine blinks to send out a 'Save our Ship' message through space on the LED lights.

07. Morse Code Part Two: S.O.S. Soundwaves

Send out soundwaves with the 'Save our Ship' message in Morse code.

08. Morse Code Part Three: Light + Sound

Combine lights and sounds to reach any audience looking for your message.

09. Morse Code Part Four: Variables

Make it easy to write and tweak Morse code messages and speeds.

10. Morse Code Part Five: Button Beeps

Now that you're a Morse code pro, use the buttons to beep out messages in real time.

11. Blaster Buttons

Learn to blast your lasers on command to break up space debris.

12. Random Tones

If your signals get garbled by a black hole in space, you may end up with jumbled signals like these.

13. Random LEDs

Even astronauts need to relax sometimes. Create a light party in deep space.

14. Basic Blaster Sound Effects

Lasers need a great sound effect. Code them in!

15. Countdown to Takeoff Sequence

When the big moment comes for takeoff, all systems must be tested and the countdown sequence begins!

16. Deep Space Headlights

Latch your headlights on to look out for what's ahead.

17. Booster Fade

Warm up or cool down your boosters with tricks to fade the LED lights.

18. LED Circle Cycle

Your circle of LEDs can be used for many things: signals, status updates, or just cool patterns.

19. Advanced Blaster Sound Effects

Take your blaster sound effects to the next level with your latest technological skills.

20. Button Cycle LED Circle

Combine your knowledge of variables, loops, and statements to control your LED Circle.


21. Hack the Code Rocket

No instructions here! Just a fun program with lots of features for you to explore and hack!