00. Setup and Test

Never used your Code Car before?
Start Here!

01. Headlight On

First thing's first! Start your drive with a bright yellow headlight.

In case of a breakdown, it's important to learn to blink your tail light on and off!

03. Flash Both Sirens

Code Car is more than your typical sedan. Flash the red and blue siren lights on the roof!

04. Toggle Your Sirens

Customize the toggle of your siren LEDs on and off like a police siren!

05. Beep the Horn

No car is complete without a little noise! Control the automatic horn on Code Car.

06. Car Tunes

Why stop at one tone on the horn? Use code to customize the beeps or make a tune!

07. Brake Pedal

No car would be complete without brakes! Program a button to flash the tail light.

08. Honk the Horn

Let everyone know that you've arrived! Code a button to beep the horn when you hold it.

09. Honk the Horn Part Two

Customize your horn to honk on any button with ease.

10. Rising Pitch Horn

Why should your horn sound the same every time you honk it? Code an entertaining (or prank) horn.

11. Siren Lights Button

When you need stealth, you need to leave your siren off until just the right time. Program a button to turn on the LED siren.

12.Siren Toggle Button

Code Car has lots of buttons- let's use them! Control each siren LED with its own button.

13. Backup Alarm

Look out behind! When you reverse Code Car, flash the tail light and beep the horn.

14. Headlight Switch

Free up your hands by 'locking' the headlights into the on or off postion using your coding skills.


Hack the Code Car

For you adventurous (or advanced) coders, check out the Code Car with all of its features- and then customize them yourself!