At Let's Start Coding, we've created step-by-step coding lessons that will take your code camp from 0 to coding in about 15 hours. Whether you want to use the kit in a guided classroom, as a 'reward' activity, or as a self-paced invention station, we have the tools to make that happen.

Our components are simple and easily replaced and our lesson pages support any instructor who is ready to take charge. All you need is our kits and an internet connection to kick your camp off right. 

Coding lessons are sequenced, but independent of each other. If you only have 3 hours to do a workshop, do 3 lessons! We promise your coders will walk away with a better understanding of the digital world. Have an entire week? That's fine, too. Lessons take about 1 hour each and with 14 lessons and two 'bug hunt' activities, along with sharing and collaboration, your week is practically planned for you. 

Get in touch about how we can supply your camp or collaborate on a custom-fit curriculum.