Are you in charge of running a coding summer camp this year? Looking for free resources to help you build a successful camp experience?

Let's Start Coding kits are designed to be fun and educational. Each kit is paired with free example code, videos, and challenges to keep coders engaged. You won't have to build any curriculum for your camp- it's all built into the kits.

Code Car is great for kids aged 7-10, Base Kit is perfect for middle school, and Ultimate Kit is a fit for camps over 25 hours or high schoolers. 


The camp guide downloaded here addresses some of the common questions about running a fun coding camp, such as:

- What equipment does my classroom need?

- How can I keep the kids on track?

- If I want to run a camp for 'X' hours, which kit do I need?

Download the guide to get all of these answers and more. Still have questions? Reach out to us at


Chris, a high school teacher, leads multiple summer camps and draws more on his classroom experience than his coding background.


Linda administers the entire summer camp program for a university and talks about her decision to add coding to her 22-camp roster of options.

"Programming will now probably be one of my hobbies." 


"I thought the camp was very hands-on and I learned a lot." 


"I thought it was cool to actually be writing real code." 


"Coming in I knew nothing about computer code and now I can program." 


We've structured out online lessons to be fun and challenging, while allowing students to move at their own speed. Here's what a lesson looks like - there are a ton of teaching resources built in, so you can spend your time making camp fun, not building lesson from the ground up.