Base Kit Projects

If you've got a Let's Start Coding Base Kit and you're ready to explore dozens of coding examples, you're in the right place. Remember, these examples can be building blocks for your own idea, so tinker, modify, and recreate the code! The projects are grouped by 'beginner' and 'advanced'. Each project tile has icons that match with your component cards, showing you which components are put to use in each project. Let's get started!

Base Kit Beginner Projects

Control how your LED blinks and which color blinks when. Then combine the colors for a light party!

Use random() to make your blinking LED light more interesting!

Countdown Speaker Alarm

This project shows you how to write a bit of code to create an alarm sound from a speaker.

Countdown LED & Speaker Alarm

This project shows you how to write a bit of code to create an alarm sound from a speaker combined with a blinking LED.

Cycle LED Colors with Button

Write code that lets you mix three colors together to create hundreds of cool combos.

FOUR Note Piano

Combine four buttons and a speaker to create your own customizable piano. Then modify the code to allow for new notes and combinations.

Four Note Piano with Synced LED

Create a light and sound party by synchronizing an LED with a four note piano.

Hold Button To Turn LED On

Use a button to turn the LED light on.


Create an LED flashlight, with a button to turn the flashlight on and off.

Play 3 Tones to a Speaker

Add code to your program to play 3 different tones with your speaker. Control the frequency too!

Press Button to Play a Tone

Use a button to play a tone from the speaker. Add a loop to continually check the status of the button.


Using the random function in your code, let the code decide what the next note will be in your song.

Press Button to Stop a Tone

Use a button to stop a tone from playing with the speaker. Add an if statement to continually check the status of the button.

Synchronize LED and Speaker

This project shows you how synchronize sound from a speaker with a blinking LED.


Base Kit Advanced Projects

Coin Toss

Use code to decide the outcome of a coin toss. Press the button and the lights will flicker as the 'coin' flips through the air.

Combines an indicator light with a software timer and a light and speaker alarm and some math to ensure the timer is working in 10 second increments.

Dice Roll

"Roll" a digital dice using and LED light and some computer code! Learn about programming random decisions.

Drag Race Reaction Timer

To make a great reaction time game, create specific time windows where you’ll allow inputs to be read.


Using the random function in your code, let the code decide what color your RGB LED will show.

Build a 3-LED clock that can keep time in the code and display it with a button press!

memory game

Test your memory against your own code! This program blinks out a pattern of lights, then you try to repeat it back. Each time you succeed, the pattern grows.

Morse Code Creator

Create messages in code that will blink on Maker Board's LED. Learn how to convert plain characters to ASCII code, then to Morse Code.


You’ll replace LED blinking lights with a speaker to make beeps instead of blinks in this Morse Code creator.


Combine the digitalWrite commands for the LED with the tone commands for the speaker in this Morse Code creator.

Multi-Color Glow Lamp

Fade and mix colors together in a repeating pattern to create a fun glow lamp for your computer.

Sound Samples

Use loops, functions, and variables to create all kinds of cool sounds with just a speaker and a button. Then think up new ways to use code for all kinds of noises.


Tune LED Colors with Button

Mix the colors of an RGB LED light together for hundreds of unique color combinations.