We're always trying to bring great learning and teaching resources to our customers. Today, we're excited to announce another one: an online professional development course on Udemy.com! 

Built from the in-person trainings we did, this course is an introduction to our kits and our learning resources. You'll watch videos, read articles, and take quizzes that will better prepare you to bring Let's Start Coding kits into your school.

For a limited time, we're offering the course for free to our customers! If you already own a Base Kit (or higher), fill out the form below. We'll email you the free coupon you'll enter on Udemy. 

Don't have a Base Kit yet? When you purchase one, enter UDEMY at checkout and we'll email you the free course code. This promotion will last until midnight EST on September 1st. Then the course will return to its price of $30.  

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We'll confirm that you have a compatible kit and then send you the coupon code.