Summer Internship Opportunity May - August 2018 in Louisville, KY

About this Job

We are a small company that is experimenting with different ways to grow. We plan, run, and analyze marketing, advertising, and product tests to best serve our market. The person in this position will fill many roles.

- We assemble and ship our products from our offices in Louisville, Kentucky and this person will be in charge of most of the assembly and shipment of our orders. This requires filling our kits with the required components, packing, and shipping them to our customers.

- Depending on skills and interest, this position may also be involved in video production, social media, website analytics and design, blog posting, PR efforts, and supply chain management.


Desired Skills

- Extremely reliable and timely

- Excellent communicator in-person, over the phone, and via email

- Goal-driven

- Eager to learn

- Able to maintain and manage a schedule


Responsibilities May Include

- Learn and then manage the order-fulfillment process from receiving an order to filling it in a timely fashion and shipping it securely to the customer.

- Helping manage inventory and supply chain by tracking order fulfillment and inventory levels.

- Contacting leads to introduce our company and gauge interest from them in working with us.

- Help turn leads into customer with email and phone follow-ups.

- Assist with in-person trainings and events for groups ranging from high school teachers to Girl Scouts troops

- Learn about our customers so that we can better serve them - this may range from survey creation and distribution to calling on our current customers and discussing their experience.


What You’ll Learn

As an internship, it’s important to us that you have a learning attitude and that we have a teaching attitude. You’ll be involved in daily meetings with our entire team (<10 people) and will be a major contributor to our efforts. We’ll explain how your work is tying into the larger picture of our sales, marketing, and product development efforts.

You’ll have some access to our website and social media analytics, where you’ll see how we use data to make decisions about where to spend our time. You’ll design and manage the social media posting schedule and be at least partially responsible for direct social media interactions with our potential customers and community.


Hours & Duration

During some weeks, you may spend most of your time at a training event. Other weeks, you’ll be in the office working on production, social media content creation, customer outreach, etc. Weeks will vary, but you can expect to work approximately 25 hours per week in this position. The initial term of the internship will be approximately 3 months, depending on hire date and your own scheduling constraints and classes.


$9 - $14 per hour, depending on skills and experience.


To learn more, send your questions to To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter describing what interests you about the position to . Thanks!