Before you start the download and installation process, ensure that your Windows computer is up-to-date. If Windows Updater is updating your computer, those updates might block the Arduino software and drivers. Here's how to check if Windows is up to date.  

1. Download the Arduino Software

Click the link to start the download on to your desktop or PC. Arduino isn't compatible with mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Windows 7 Arduino Software

  • You'll see a window on your screen that says "You have chosen to open arduino-1.6.5-r5-windows.exe. Would you like to save this file?". Click "Save File".
    • If your web browser opens a window that asks what you'd like to do with the file, click "Save and Run" if it is available. Otherwise, click "Save".
  • The file will download from your web browser. It may take a few minutes. When it is completely downloaded, navigate to your downloads on the computer or in the web browser and double click the arduino-1.6.5-r5-windows.exe file.


  • After clicking the .exe file, a wizard will open to help you install the Arduino software. The first step is to click "I Agree" to the Arduino license agreement. 





  • In the Arduino setup installation options window, you can leave all of the components selected except for the "Install USB driver" box. Then click "Next".





  • The next step of the installation is the installation folder. The default folder is a good place to put the Arduino software. Click "Install".





  • The installation window will have a progress bar as the software is placed on your computer. After the installation is complete, click "Close". 





  • Next, navigate to your desktop and look for the Arduino icon there. Double click it to open the Arduino software.


  • Sometimes, your computer will block the Arduino software from opening. If you see this window, click "Allow Access".





  • Finally, you should see an Arduino window! This is where you'll program Maker Board. If you've made it to this step, the Arduino software is successfully installed! Now it's time to move on to installing the drivers that help Maker Board talk to the Arduino software.