2. Install the FTDI Drivers

  • When you plug Maker Board in to your computer for the first time, Windows 7 may find the correct drivers and allow you to install them directly to your computer.  To find out, plug Maker Board in to your USB port either with the cable or directly. If the green light doesn't light up, turn Maker Board over and plug it in again.


  • If Windows is installing these drivers for the first time, you may get a pop-up in your computer's task bar. You can click the bubble to see the status, but the installation should take under a minute and doesn't require any more steps from you.

Did you see the pop-up window in your task bar? Great! You're ready for step three, the code example downloads. 

If you didn't see the pop-up window, it's possible that the drivers are not already installed on your computer. To manually download and install the driver, follow these instructions and return once the driver installation is complete.