2. Download the FTDI Drivers

Windows 8 requires an extra driver that allows the Maker Board to communicate with the Arduino software. Click the link to start the download.

FTDI drivers for Windows 8

  • Your browser may create a window that says "You have chosen to open CDM V2.12.06 WHQL Certified.exe." "What would you like to do with this file?". Click "Save File".
  • A window should pop up with the title FTDI CDM Drivers. Click "Extract".








  • This installation often pops up an error window that says "The requested operation requires elevation". Click "OK".



  • There will be a window that prompts you to run the program with compatibility settings. This will help you complete the installation.






  • Next, you'll see a prompt that says "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" Click "Yes".







  • Once you've clicked "Yes", you'll see the FTDI CDM Drivers window again. We have to start the process again in compatibility mode.








  • When the FTDI Device Driver Install Wizard starts, click "Next".









  • Agree to the license agreement and then click "Finish".









  • If you used compatibility mode, Windows may prompt you "Did this program work correctly?" Click "Yes".




The hard part is over! Next, you'll download the example projects and start building!