1. Download the Arduino Software

Click the link below to start the download.

Arduino Software for Windows 8

  • If you have the option, click "Save and Run".
  • Once the file has downloaded you may see a window that asks:

"Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"  Click "Yes" to continue.




  • An Arduino software setup wizard will prompt you to read and agree to the license agreement. Click "I Agree".






  • The wizard will show a list of components that you can choose to install. Uncheck "USB driver" and continue.






  • The default file location for saving the application will be fine for most users.







  • The last step will show an extraction step with a progress bar. When the window shows "Completed", click "Close".






  • Once you've completed the wizard, Arduino is installed! To ensure the rest of the steps go smoothly, find the Arduino icon on your desktop and double click it to open your first Arduino software window.


  • Some computers will block Arduino the first time you try to open it. If a window pops up on your screen or in your task bar, open it and click "Allow Access".
  • When you see your first (nearly) blank Arduino software window, you've completed this step! Next up: installing the FTDI drivers.