Manually installing the Windows 7 FTDI Drivers for Maker Board

Most of the time, your computer will automatically find and install the needed FTDI drivers that Maker Board requires. When it doesn't, you'll know because inside the Arduino software, you can navigate to Tools--> Port: and there won't be anything available.

Before you complete these steps for a manual installation, please be certain you've tried the following:

  • Unplug Maker Board from your computer.
  • Quit the Arduino software.
  • Plug Maker Board back in to your computer.
  • The green light on Maker Board should be lit if the Maker Board has power.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Open the Arduino software. 
  • Navigate to Tools--> Port: 
  • Do you see anything there besides COM1? You should see COM2 or COM3 or some higher number with COM. If so, the drivers have tried again and successfully installed! If not, it's time to manually install them.
  • Your computer will pop up a window asking "Do you want to run or save this file?". Click "Save".



  • Your computer will ask where to save the file. Saving it in Downloads is OK.




  • Next, the file will download. When it has finished, click "Open".





  • Now, you may receive a warning from your internet browser asking "Do you want to run this software?". Click "Run".


  • An FTDI CDM Drivers wizard will open. Click "Extract".




  • Sometimes, Windows will show an error that says "The requested operation requires elevation". Click "OK".


  • After clicking "OK", the window will disappear. Now check your task bar on the desktop. There should be a new icon for a window called Program Compatibility Assistant. Click it to open it. 
  • The Program Compatibility Assistant will show you a message. You can click "Close". 





  • After closing the Program Compatibility Assistant, the FTDI driver will try to run again. When prompted, click "Run". 




  • Now the FTDI CDM Driver wizard will open again. Click "Extract" to start the installation.




  • Next, Windows may ask you "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer? Click "Yes". 



  • In the wizard's introduction window, click "Next". In the License Agreement window, click "I accept this agreement" and then click "Next".




  • The drivers will install and you can click "Finish". Now you're good to go! You can open and upload code to your Maker Board. If you already have the Arduino software installed and the example code downloaded, go back to the Open and Upload step to put code on to your board.