2. Install the FTDI Drivers for the Maker Board

When you plug Maker Board in to your computer for the first time, Windows 10 may find the correct drivers and allow you to install them directly to your computer.  To find out, plug Maker Board in to your USB port either with the cable or directly. If the green light doesn't light up, turn Maker Board over and plug it in again.

  • Many computers will make a sound when a new USB device is plugged in and a minimized window will show up in the bottom bar of your home screen. 
  • Click the window. When it opens, the window may say "Installing device". This means that Windows has found the driver for Maker Board and will install it for you.


  • This step may take 5 minutes or more. When it is complete, you can go on to step three.


No window showed up when you plugged Maker Board in? Most likely, you either already have the drivers or Windows installed them in the background. If you have trouble uploading later, we provide a step to manually install the drivers. For now, go on to step three!