3. Download the Example Code for your Kit

Now that the Arduino software is ready to run, it's time to download some code! Click the button to download a .ZIP file. The file may contain examples for kits you don't have, but that's OK- they'll be there when you want to upgrade!

  • Your internet browser may pop up a window that says "You have chosen to open LetsStartCoding.zip" " What should we do with this file?" Click "Save File". Try to ensure that the file goes into your Downloads folder or a place where you can find it easily. 
  • The code will download as a .zip file. When it is completed, open the Arduino software and navigate to Sketch--> Include Library--> Add .ZIP Library... .


  •  A new window will pop up. Navigate to your Downloads, select the LetsStartCoding.zip file and click "Open".


  • Now you have the code examples on your computer!