3. Download the Example Code for your Kit

Now that the Arduino software is ready to run, it's time to download some code! Click the link(s) below to download the .ZIP file for your kit. If you have the Starter Kit + LED Strip, download both files and add them to Arduino separately. Want to learn more about libraries? Head to the libraries page.

  • Your internet browser may pop up a window that says "You have chosen to open LetsStartCoding.zip" " What should we do with this file?" Click "Save File". Try to ensure that the file goes into your Downloads folder or a place where you can find it easily. 
  • The code will download as a .zip file. When it is completed, open the Arduino software and navigate to Sketch--> Include Library--> Add .ZIP Library... .


  •  A new window will pop up. Navigate to your Downloads, select the LetsStartCoding.zip file and click "Open".


  • Now you have the code examples on your computer!