4. Open and Upload a Program to Maker Board

If you have all of the example folders and the Arduino software downloaded correctly, you can open some code and upload it to the Maker Board! Don't worry about building the hardware side yet, you just need to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

  • Make sure that your Maker Board is plugged in to your computer and the green light is on before you go forward.
  • From the Arduino software, navigate to File--> Examples--> LetsStartCoding--> StarterKit and pick a file from the list. It doesn't matter which one for this test.




  • Navigate to Tools--> Port: and select a port that doesn't contain the word Bluetooth in it. This is something like COM1or COM3. If there are multiple COM ports there, pick either one. Then, if you have trouble with your upload, come back and try the other COM port.
    • Are there no COM ports available? Unplug Maker Board from your computer and quit Arduino. Plug Maker Board back in and ensure that the green power light is on. Wait 10 seconds. Then, open the Arduino software. Navigate again to Tools--> Port: . If there are still no COM ports there and you've never uploaded to Maker Board from this computer, you should try manually installing the drivers. Click here to go through the manual installation.


  • Now navigate to Sketch and press Upload. You'll see a progress bar at the bottom of the Arduino software.









  • After a few seconds you'll see "Done Uploading" in the bottom left of the window.  Success! Now you're ready to start building projects and code!