Hi Reddit,

Thanks for stopping by. We're building products that make it easier to learn real code the fun way: with hands-on projects! We created a new microcontroller that is compatible with Arduino software for people who want to:

  • Learn some coding basics
  • Make handheld gadgets and games
  • Understand how the code impacts the hardware, not just upload an unexplained program

and for people who want to avoid:

  • Learning about resistor color bands 
  • Building projects that looks like nests of wires
  • Searching forums for hours to find compatible projects and explanations
Clean projects are more fun. No wires or resistors required.

Clean projects are more fun. No wires or resistors required.

The Deal

Use code REDDIT16 at checkout and we'll send you a free flexible LED strip with your order. Expires 9/30/16 at midnight EST.

Why Do You Want It?

If you're new to coding or new to hardware, we've made everything as simple as can be. Kits include:

  • Reference cards for each component and common code syntax
  • Working example programs that you can run, then deconstruct and modify
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of several projects (not just component demos)



("Just testing the waters...")

Base Kit: 30+ example programs!
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("I'm diving in headfirst!")

Ultimate Kit: 90+ example programs!
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