Let’s Start Coding Launches Free Online Teacher Training

Teachers in the United States can apply for a free loaner coding kit to use during the online training. Upon completion, they will receive four continuing education credits.

Louisville, KY -- May 1,  2018

According to research by Google, 91% of parents want their child to learn more computer science in the future [1], but schools can’t keep up. 73% of superintendents say that there are no teachers available at their schools/in their districts with the necessary skills to teach computer science [2].

Today, Let’s Start Coding announced a free online course to help teachers bring typed computer coding to their students.

The training is for middle and high school teachers. It covers basic coding topics and techniques to integrate coding into the classroom.

“We’ve been training teachers in person for years,” said Weston Hagan, Director at Let’s Start Coding. “This online training enables teachers nationwide to learn at their own pace.”

Participants will receive a Base Coding Kit on loan (a $65 value) to use while completing the training. They'll use the electronics in the kit to build projects and code them, just like their students would. Shipping is free and a return label provided upon completion of the course.

“Coding hands-on is the best way to learn about real, typed programming. When teachers have guidance, they find coding easier and more fun than they expected.” said Aimee Shabaan, Educator at Let’s Start Coding and developer of the course. “The training allows teachers to model what they’ll ask students to do. It's a great way to build confidence.”

With the Base Kit, learners connect basic electronics and type code to control them. For example, a lightbulb and button can become a flashlight or a Morse code messenger, depending on the code. No coding or electronics experience is necessary.

Learn more about the training and apply at www.letsstartcoding.com/educators .


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About Let’s Start Coding

Let’s Start Coding launched in 2015 with the mission of making real coding more fun and approachable for beginners. The company emphasizes a ‘tinkering’ approach, where customers can see working code and then make changes to it, learning how the code works by experimenting with each part.

The kits produced by Let’s Start Coding allow for a tangible, real-world outcome from the code. Instead of creating a website or video game on the screen, customers build simple circuits with LED lights, buttons, and other components, that they control with computer code.

Let’s Start Coding products have been praised by parents and educators alike for their engaging activities that excited kids and the focus on real coding concepts that customers can use as the foundation of their code learning experience.

Currently, the company produces three products.

Code Car, an all-inclusive circuit in the shape of a car, requires no plugging or circuit building, but focuses on customizing and enhancing the car’s lights and sounds.

Base Kit includes 12 electronic components, including a tiny programmable computer called Maker Board that controls those components.

Ultimate Kit contains everything in the Base Kit, plus environmental sensors, an LCD screen, and a flexible strip of LED lights that can be sewn onto clothing or taped onto services.



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  Base Kits will be loaned out to teachers who apply and are accepted for the free training course.

Base Kits will be loaned out to teachers who apply and are accepted for the free training course.

Promotional video. YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/PjR9eEXn9DI


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