Do You Want Your Child to Learn Real, Useful Coding Skills?

If you're serious about your kid getting a solid start with code, you know they need to build transferrable skills. At Let's Start Coding, we do things a bit differently than other coding 'toys'. Find out what makes our Code Car kits better for kids 8 - 12 who may have a passion for coding. 

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The Let's Start Coding Difference

Exposure to real, typed code.

Coding with blocks just won't cut it if your son or daughter is really interested in technology. All code written with our kits is based on C++, a foundational coding language.


Engaging Hands-On projects. 

Learning coding doesn't have to feel like attending an online seminar. With handheld electronics, kids get to play with their tangible creations!

Guidance and Challenges

Following our code examples, young engineers learn how to troubleshoot and come up with their own solutions to real coding challenges.


Limitless Possibilities

By using real coding instead of being confined to a limited set of possibilities, we enable your programmer to go as far as her imagination takes her! 


Your son or daughter will be able to build their own unique, creative programs on their own by using a Let's Start Coding kit. Buy a Code Car for your kiddo and join the thousands of kids who are learning real, typed code at home!