Code with Kits

Get a tangible outcome from your code. See the physical results of your experiments. Get excited to do more. Our suite of kits is designed to offer different paths to start learning real code to fit every interest and budget. Scroll through the kits and pick the right one for you.

Fundamentals on a Budget

Start simple and learn quickly! Base Kit includes everything you need to start learning about code concepts like variables, functions, and statements. Write computer programs by controlling buttons, lights, and sound on your way to building fun gadgets like a four note piano. Shop the Base Kit.


Code Beautiful Displays

Bring the "wow" factor to all of your projects with an amazing display of colors. You'll use code to control a flexible LED strip that can display 300 colors on every one of its 15 pixels. Using loops, libraries, and methods, you'll customize patterns and make games with the LED strip. Projects include Color Party and 1-D Pong. Shop Base Kit + LED Strip.



Explore Sensors 

Use the world around you as a part of your code! With a light, temperature, and sound sensor, you can make your kit react to the environment and learn how devices you use measure and display information. Shop Base Kit + Sensors.


Become a Game Designer

With the simplicity of Maker Screen, you will be coding your own Jump Man game in no time. Follow our step-by-step guides to learn how variables, 'if' statements, and functions make your favorite games work at a basic level.  Shop Base Kit + Maker Screen.


Do It all

Combine the sensors, screen, lights, speakers, and more to create your own masterpiece. Use our 100+ example programs to learn what you need to know to build the next big thing. Shop the Ultimate Kit.

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