Keep Your Kids Learning this Summer with Let's Start Coding!


Summer is upon us- long days, outdoor activities, and.... school's out! Of course kids should have fun over their summer break, but wouldn't it be great if they could keep learning, or gain a new skill while they have fun?

If you're a parent paying attention to the trends in education and even the broader economy, you know that technology will play a vital role in your kids' future. While it's easy to make broad predictions about what that role may be - automating jobs, using huge troves of data to make decisions, or jet packs to make lunch break more entertaining - we know this: a foundational understanding of technology will be even more critical than it is today.

That's where Let's Start Coding comes in. It's our mission to bring real, typed computer coding fundamentals to beginners in a fun, engaging way. Kids can learn, at their own pace, the basics of computer coding: variables, loops, functions, statements, comparators, and syntax. Importantly, they'll have fun doing it, building gadgets and handheld games they can show off and share.  Watch the video below for how simple it is.



You don't have to take our word for it alone, though. Parents, teachers, bloggers, and professionals have all weighed in on Let's Start Coding kits. See what some of them have to say:

"If you have an older child who you want to continue learning and exploring over the summer and he or she learns best by getting hands on... the various kits available by Let’s Start Coding are a great resource."

-Geekdad review


"I have been trying to get him interested in coding and the immediacy and feedback you get froM a physical system is great for kids."

-L., Parent of coding beginner



"The difference with and without the kits was night and day. Coding is usually difficult for them. With the kits they had something that they could control."

-Donna, Professor: Intro to Programming


 “I've been part of for years. These kits help those student who need tactile tools to understand coding. Super, affordable product.”

- Librarian providing feedback for Modern Library Awards 2017

Let's Start Coding earned the highest distinction (PLatinum)


"One thing that I love is that it’s intuitive and easy to use right out of the box!" 

- Blogger and Mom


In summary, we know that your kid will benefit from learning about coding. And we know that they will have a blast doing it. If you're serious about giving your kid a leg-up this summer, buy them a Let's Start Coding Base Kit for only $40 to get them started. With our online lessons and thousands of lines of example code, you'll be amazed by what they can do after only a few hours of play.


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