Summer 2017

Marketing and Social Media Intern

About this Job

We are a small company that is experimenting with different ways to grow. We have created a product that helps beginners learn computer code, and we need a high-energy intern to help us spread the word!

The person in this role will be assisting in our social media presence and marketing. This goes beyond posting and retweeting- we need someone who can help create the ‘media’ and then be social with it. You will:

- Attend summer camps that we have supplied with kits and photograph/video the students in action. There are approximately 5 week-long camps that you may be in attendance for.

- Edit and modify your content- this can range from cropping a photo and adjusting saturation to creating promo videos from video snippets that help tell the story of a camp.

- Share the content you’ve created on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

- Target specific audiences, influencers, tweet chats, and hashtags to boost the awareness of our content.

- Assist in creating ads on social media networks and tracking the performance of those ads.


Desired Skills

- Extremely reliable and timely

- Goal-driven

- Eager to learn

- Able to maintain and manage a schedule

- Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, or similar content-editing technologies.

- Experience with DSLR camera(settings and general use).



- Work with your manager to come up with a content plan and ‘content goals’ list.

- Use our audio/video equipment to capture content at summer camps.

- Review, edit, organize, and share the content you’ve captured in a timely manner.

- Keep up a steady pace of social media content and shares throughout the summer.

- Identify influencers and important audiences on social media, find ways to reach them.

- Various office tasks, which may include making kits for our customers and helping clean the office/workspace.




You’ll be working with and around young people (aged 8+) for many hours during the summer. While you won’t be responsible for teaching them coding, it’s important that you’re comfortable and can act appropriately in those situations. Experience as a camp counselor or youth volunteer is a plus!

An interest in technology is a plus. Our company is founded on the idea that anybody can learn to code and it’s an integral part of our world that more people should have an understanding of. Using our product will help you be a better evangelist of it online or in person.



What You’ll Learn

As an internship, it’s important to us that you have a learning attitude and that we have a teaching attitude. You’ll be involved in daily meetings with our entire team (<10 people) and will be a major contributor to our efforts. We’ll explain how your work is tying into the larger picture of our sales, marketing, and product development efforts.

You’ll have some access to our website and social media analytics, where you’ll see how we use data to make decisions about where to spend our time. You’ll design and manage the social media posting schedule and be at least partially responsible for direct social media interactions with our potential customers and community.


Hours & Duration

On some weeks, you’ll be needed for 5+ hours a day at camps. Other weeks, you’ll be in the office 12-15 hours, working on editing, social media, and content. Weeks will vary, but you can expect to work approximately 20 hours per week in this position. The initial term of the internship will be approximately 3 months, depending on hire date and your own scheduling constraints and classes.



$10 - $14 per hour, depending on skills and experience.


About Let's Start Coding

We're a startup in an exciting industry with lots of room to learn new skills and help grow a company!

We design kits and courses that help beginners learn to code by building hands-on projects. There is a large and growing gap between the number of technology positions available and those with the skills to fill them. In every industry, a working knowledge of coding and computer programming is becoming more important. We're introducing coding beginners (middle school and up) to real, typed code through fun and hands-on projects. For example, our customers may build an LED light flashlight that turns on with one press of a button and off with another. This is an example of an 'if' statement in code. As learners build more complex projects, they are learning more and more computer coding. We sell to schools, clubs, museums, and parents around the country and would love your help in doing it!