'Scratched out'? Take Your Class to the Next Level.

Let's Start Coding kits are the perfect next step for  teachers and students who have already experienced Scratch and Hour of Code. 


Typed code gets students familiar with what 'real code' looks like.


Hands-on projects keep students engaged and excited.

Free Teacher Resources, Guides, Lesson Plans, and Standards Connections.

Well Supported

Educator resources include 14 step-by-step lessons, lesson plan framework, and ties to national standards.


Create a set of activities to last an hour, a day, or a semester. Pair students up or get a kit for each. 


For around $40 per kit, you can get students started with over 30 projects that will inspire them to learn more about programming and computer science. 

Focused On Learning

Students learn the vocabulary of coding while seeing it in action. Detailed graphics, walkthroughs, and videos explain how each project works.


DOwnload the Resources

All of our resources reference the Lesson Plans : 14 structured lessons that can provide over a semester of code learning for your classroom. Along with the Learn pages and a Base Kit, you'll have everything you need to start coding at your school, camp, or club.

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