Let’s Start Coding Teacher Course Discontinued

On December 31, 2018, Coursesites - where our online teacher course was hosted - decommissioned all existing courses and launched a new version of its website. The Let’s Start Coding online course was decommissioned and we do not plan to recreate the course on the ‘new Coursesites’.

If you are evaluating using Let’s Start Coding kits in your classroom or school, we recommend using the kit along with its guided projects so that you can experience the kits just as your students will. Our team is available to answer your questions and can be reached via email at info@letsstartcoding.com.

Thank you for your continued use of Let’s Start Coding in the classroom!

You can read the entire Coursesites announcement here : https://community.blackboard.com/thread/7324-original-coursesites-set-to-be-decommissioned-on-december-31st