Code you can HolD.

At Let's Start Coding, we think the best way to learn code is to get your hands on it. Using our kits and project guides, you'll start learning C++ by building games and gadgets. Then, you can remix the components into thousands of hardware combinations.


Why C++?

The C++ programming language isn't just for fun and games. It's a large, established language that runs in the background of some of your favorite products and companies. C++ is used at companies and organizations like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, NASA, and Southwest Airlines. 


How Do I Learn it?

We provide free code examples written by professionals so that you can 'take them apart', learning to code by seeing how the pros do it. And we offer a code learning index for a more traditional explanation of major programming concepts.


Just Getting Started?

No experience? Perfect. Our kits are designed for those without any coding experience. The projects are self-paced and each one is explained with a walk through on the projects page. You can build them yourself or run a STEM workshop to teach others without any experience writing code.