Chromebook users: You need to unplug your Let's Start Coding board from your computer for 7 seconds, then plug it back into your computer and wait 7 more seconds before uploading code.

We know this is a headache and we apologize. Please read below for more information about what's happening and how it can get fixed.

Symptoms of the bug: When you successfully upload code to your board, the green 'Success!' message will flash across your screen. Then you make a change to your code and try to upload again. In the bottom-right of the code editor, you will see a message like "Uploading to board on tty....." but this message will never disappear and your code will never upload.

When you are seeing these symptoms, you need to unplug your Let's Start Coding board, wait 7 seconds, then plug the Let's Start Coding board back in to the USB port, wait 7 more seconds, and press ‘Upload Your Code’.

More details: In early May 2019, the Google Chrome developer team made a change to their codebase. That change means that Let's Start Coding boards can only connect to the code editor one time automatically. After that, they need to be unplugged and replugged into the USB port to connect to the code editor again.

We believe this is a bug in Google's code. This bug has been reported to them and we are watching the status of this bug to see if it gets fixed. We hope that Google will fix this issue within the next month, but unfortunately we just have to wait for their team to make the fix.

We apologize for the headache and will update you when we have a fix available.

-The Let's Start Coding Team

UPDATE 7/18/2019: The Google Chrome team has identified the bug and found a way to fix it. The fix is going through the review process and may be included in Chrome 76 in approximately 2 weeks. If the fix is implemented, you’ll be able to update your Chrome browser to Chrome 76 and return to using your Let’s Start Coding boards on Chromebook without any special plugging and unplugging routine.

We appreciate your patience.