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At Let's Start Coding, we're building the best set of resources to help people start learning real code. It takes a diverse team of talented folks with varying expertise to do it. See a job description below that fits? Email your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, GitHub page, portfolio or work, or any other helpful docs to us at info@LetsStartCoding.com

Are you a near-fit for multiple positions? Apply and let us know! We can use generalists on our team, too. All positions are open for full-time, on-site work in our Louisville, Kentucky offices. Part-time, remote, and flexible scheduling are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Marketing and Customer Success

Broad Description

Marketing: Find our customers and tell them our story through the channels they want to hear it.

Customer Success: Ensure that once someone has our product, they have a good experience and become a super customer.




We’re a small company that is experimenting with ways to reach people. Your job will be to explore new avenues, experiment with them, determine their viability, and then try to ‘systemize’ their usage. For example, Pinterest is a potential advertising platform, so you may dig into Pinterest, learning how the advertising scheme works, who the audience is, and what techniques we could use to reach our audience on Pinterest. If our audience is there, you’d create an account and start reaching out to our customers with our story and test out the advertising features of that platform. If the ROI is positive on the campaign, you find out how to grow our presence there.

This process can be repeated for any social platform, local public relations, national public relations, search engine ads, email marketing, in-person events, blogging, etc. The goal is to systematically find what works and invest there to grow our audience.

Customer Success

Our target market is totally new to coding. They are typically purchasing our product as the absolute starting point in their coding journey, so they need support! Your job will be to answer customer support questions directly and to codify frequently asked questions into a web page/forum/instructions so that customers can help themselves.

You will likely be in charge of our live-chat on the website, where customers ask questions about comparing the products (when shopping), placing orders, setting up kits, errors they receive when coding, getting replacements, etc. We also help schools who are implementing our kits understand potential IT pitfalls and help communicate with their IT departments when something isn’t working correctly.

This portion of the job will likely take less than 25% of your time, but that may change as our customer base grows. The customer success role will also help you identify interesting use-cases and ‘super users’ whose stories could become part of our marketing efforts.


Other Duties

We’re a small company, so you should expect to fill other duties that may include creating and shipping kits, attending events, and cleaning the office. These tasks are not likely to take more than 25% of your time.

Markets We Serve

Today, our 2 key markets are parents and teachers. We reach these customers almost entirely online.

We’d like to increase our reach to these two markets, as well as explore the homeschool market, the summer camp market, the makerspace/library market and the tutoring/club market.


The Nature of the Job

This job will require persistence, curiosity, and organization. It may take 8 weeks from the time a journalist says ‘yes’ to your story before you see anything published. It may take 100 hours of work before you build a significant audience to market to on a new platform. And it can take 5 follow-up emails before a customer fills out a survey you requested from them.

We need someone in this role who can ‘move the ball forward’ every day. Not everything we try will work and there won’t be breakthrough ‘wins’ everyday, so we need someone who can take a systematic and organized approach to our marketing efforts.

You’ll report to the Lab Director, who will help set marketing priorities and strategies. It will be up to you to research details, carry out a plan of action, and report back to the director the results. Together, you’ll decide the best way to move forward.


Your Traits/Qualifications

- Extremely reliable and timely

- Excellent communicator in-person, over the phone, and via email

- Goal-driven

- Eager to learn

- Able to maintain and manage a schedule of multiple tasks

- Familiar / Comfortable with social media advertising, search engine advertising, and email marketing.

    Note: This does not mean you have to have experience running and measuring campaigns, but you should be aware of how companies use these methods to advertise.

- An understanding of metrics-driven marketing and how we might use data to measure the success of our marketing.


To apply, send relevant experience and information to Weston@letsstartcoding.com. Thanks!