Provide your campers a tangible, exciting Learning Experience

Do you help run a STEM or technology camp? Consider adding Let's Start Coding kits to your lineup: It's real C++ code presented in an accessible way through project building. Campers will learn more than code - we offer resources to help them think about troubleshooting and designing their own programs.



Flexible and self-paced

There are no prerequisites for any of our projects, so you can create a set of activities to last an hour, a day, or a week with ease. Complement your LEGO robotics by showing campers what the code looks like behind the scenes.


Well Supported

Every kit comes with project guides, example code, and walkthroughs to explain how the program works. Don't know coding yourself? That's OK! We provide the right resources to help students experiment and find their own answers.

Our example programs are compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers, Macintosh OS X, and Chromebooks.  Or, you can code right here on our website!

All of the software and resources are free. 



Something to Show For It

For around $50 per student, you can get each and every student started with a kit. Send the kit home with campers so they can show Mom and Dad what they actually built at camp, not just screenshots.  Because the software is free, they can continue to code beyond camp- a sure way they'll remember you next year.


What Can You Make?

We suggest over 15 projects per kit and provide you the code to build them. But don't stop there! Our goal is to give you the building blocks to make your own crazy creations. Check out the video playlist for some of the possibilities with our kits.





Maker Board kits are best for students with at least basic typing and computer literacy skills. Younger students who have a hard time finding keys and navigating software may find the kits frustrating. Depending on the skills of your instructors, we recommend a student : instructor ratio of 12:1 or lower. Ages 13 and up are recommended.


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