Interested in the technical details?

Maker Board was designed to be versatile and easy to use. It was designed with beginners in mind, but we think it's a great board to add to any inventors tool chest. Here are the details:

  • ATmega328P-AU SMD chip onboard is the same processor as the Arduino Uno.
  • FTDI USB-to-serial chip offers great reliability and cross-operating-system support.
  • Maker Board breaks out pins 0-13 and A0-A5. The carrier board model determines which are accessed directly by female headers.
  • Red LED on pin 13.
  • Full serial communication via the FTDI chip. RGB LED indicates TX , RX and power.
  • System is 6V tolerant, no voltage regulation on board.
  • Bootloaded with Arduino Uno bootloader and recognized by Arduino IDE as an Uno, so all code written for Arduino Uno will run on Maker Board.
  • PCI card-edge connector allows for unplugging of Maker Board from carriers to leave projects intact and in place while you reprogram.
  • Card-edge USB allows projects to be powered via a USB wall-wart or programmed directly through your computer's USB port. USB extender cable included with kits.